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If you're looking for quality woodworking projects you have come to the right place. You probably know that finding the right detailed plans to build some custom projects to meet specific needs can be very difficult. 

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Ted Mcgrath, owner of TedsWoodworking.com and a certified master woodworker, trainer, and author gives you 50 woodworking plans at no cost to you, with step-by-step blueprints for each woodworking project.

So What Do you Actually Get?

Well, where do I start, let's see. These are just some of the plans available for you once you subscribe in one of our opt-in boxes available on this page:

  • Traditional bookshelf.
  • Modern side table.
  • Coat and mitten rack.
  • Old fashion "push along toy".
  • Neat porch swing.
  • Much, much more!

Building complex projects or even the simple ones to meet specific needs can be very difficult even to experienced woodworkers especially when you can’t find a detailed plan. And most of the so-called “step by step” guides found online and in various magazines make building some projects harder than it should be. The 50 free woodworking plans given to you here resolve all the above. Simply subscribe below.

In addition, often, such plans don’t have enough detail. For instance, some don’t include pictures or the pictures they have don’t match what they are telling you. Still, some don’t even include cut sheets, so you are forced to “guesstimate” materials.

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