Work From Home Online – Who is Making Serious Money? [Answer on 1st Paragraph]

Work From Home Online – Who is Making Serious Money? [Answer on 1st Paragraph]

Working From Home Online and Making Serious Money. It is no secret...

Say it Don't Spray it

Answer: That who is applying the slight edge. See, the secret for working from home online and making a success with it is that there is no secret...here's why.


When it comes to working from home, there are a number of - work from home ideas - to choose from. In this article, I will emphasize on the work from home online idea.

When I started to work from home back in 2006 I immediately realized that doing it online would be the best option for me. I already had the basic tools needed - a computer and an internet connection. Yes, you may be surprised, but essentially, this is all you really need to succeed with your home-based business.

I started looking for programs teaching me how to make money from home and soon realized this is something that requires dedication, stamina and effort. But hey, I thought, any business, be it on or offline would call for similar, if not the same attributes.

7 Ways to Monetize A Work From Home Online Business - [Proof Inside]

Before you scroll down straight for the 7 ways, I would like to give a little...shall I call it, 'disclaimer'. I am no expert in monetizing a work from home online business. Nor do I believe anyone else is for that matter. I have been working for years from home developing my online business. I was searching and researching work from home ideas. In the process and made some success with most, and a big success with just a few.

I have never found any so-called guru, that really shows one way to create a successful home-based business that is one size fits all. I have not yet found a miracle cure or magic bullet. Want to know why? Because there is no such thing!

I wrote a post on 22nd Nov 2018, titled, How to Master Making Money Online in Half the Time. Working from home online and making serious money, takes time and effort. It takes dedication and stamina. Only when you apply the Slight Edge rule, as I like to call it, you will experience massive success online.

But enough bragging about how hard it is, here are 7 ways that will bring success to you in half the time:

  1. Do not hard sell anything! No matter what you do. Whether you're an affiliate or own your own product, shoving it down your prospects' throats always results in massive rejection that yields zero return on energy. There is one golden rule in business I always stick to: Always talk only to your target market. And when it comes to online marketing, or - working from home online, selling anything before establishing trust and rapport, is a waste of time. You will never make a sale, and you will always spend time chasing those who do not want to do business with you. You have an online business that you run from home, however, its success is dependent on your approach and use of time. If you spend all your time chasing leads that do not know you, you will fail because, well...they do not know you. Right? Spend time providing great value first, then in a subtle way, you can insert some clickable links to programs you promote. I love the way Brian Tracy puts it: What is your return on energy? What would make you $25 per hour, and what makes you $1000 per hour? Define those tasks. Delegate all the $25/hour ones to an employee or a contractor and you do the $1000/hour tasks. This way you maximize return on energy. And energy is time. The time and effort you put into work.
  2. Define your perfect prospect. AKA target market. Who are your clients? Do you know who you put a blog up and post articles, videos, links for products and social media platforms for? Are they mainly men? women? both? where do they live? in China? India? The US of A? Maybe they are property investors. I do not know. What I do know is that you must clearly understand who you aim to sell your products and services for at the end of the day. I know of a local Auckland company that consult property owners on how they can maximize return on their property. It could be mom and dad living on the property or a property investor that rents his house up. What they do is provide a kit-set dwelling property owners can place on their property without sub-divide it. So their target market is PROFESSIONAL Property Investors! That's it. They say it in 3 words. Who is your target market?
  3. Generate Traffic. Just because you have a website or a squeeze page does not mean you will ever get anyone seeing it. Your work from home online is to tempt your prospects to come and see what you have got for them. Again, this must not be a sales pitch where you push down their throats your product or service. Look at it this way: Years ago I bought one of Mike Dillard's online products where he talks about all sorts of ways to monetize your online business. This product, which is actually 11 modules packed with hours and hours of video tutorials, was released in 2005. One of the modules talked about social media marketing. What Mike says is that any SM platform is like a giant party. You get to the party and there are several millions of people already there, attending that party. Facebook has 2.27 Billion users as of the 3rd quarter of 2018. Twitter has 4.3 Billion user accounts, and LinkedIn has now over half a billion users. If you enter one of these parties and go to the first person you meet and try and sell something to them, they will avoid you. It is best to be friends first and gain trust. That product now has a newer, more modern version, called The 10 Minute Traffic Machine. Similar concept but an updated one. You will probably see that this link leads to a free recorded webinar by Tim Erway, one of the program owners. This webinar is perfect if you want to first understand what the program is all about.
  4. Use free and paid sources for advertising. One of the best ways to get people to click on your links is to provide value. An article like this one, where you show the reader how to do it right can lead to trust, and show your integrity, resulting in people willing to click to check things out. All social media platforms are great for advertising your written material, providing you do this subtly. Remember you're at a party and one way of engaging is answering people's questions in relevant groups. If you see a person asking a question which you have an answer for in a blog post, (for example), you can answer their question on the group. When answering their question, make sure you provide value, and then put your link to the article of which you have an extended answer for. Same goes on Twitter if you see a question on a tweet by somebody, why not answering with a link to your article. A paid ad would be an ad briefing people about your blog post where you have links to a paid product at the end of it. This way you only promoting a blog post, packed with value and at the end there is a link for those wanting more information.
  5. Write with the end in mind. In his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey writes about the habits required for success. Be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win-win, seek first to understand, then to be understood, synergize and sharpen the saw are the 7 habits Covey is talking about. In particular, I liked beginning with the end in mind as this, for me, is the key to success in anything in life. What the heck are you doing? Why are you doing it? Who for? Having the end in mind is a great to achieve success. When writing an article, you really want to think how to monetize it so that there is some profit at the end of it. Providing massive value, then offering a link to learn more is great to get people to click through as you do not shove any product or service to them, forcing them to swallow.
  6. Be active to keep your business alive. A business is like the human body. If you do not move it, it won't thrive and eventually, sooner rather than later, at a very young age, it will die. Being active in business is posting valuable stuff on all social media platforms, writing articles, creating videos, creating podcasts, conducting interviews, you get the idea. Being active with your online business means being heard, delivering your message using free and paid platforms, and participating in other people's blogs, seminars, groups and replying to posts on all social media. This way, you are out there and eventually, (sooner rather than later that is), you are well known in the world of online business. Working from home online is all about providing value. People are always looking for solutions on the internet and they will not settle for less than the best they can get.
  7. Do not try to do it all at once. Working from home online is a lot of work. No point trying to bang everything at the same time because you will lose focus. Take this step by step and apply each step until you finish it. Looking at the mountain of stuff needed to be done to succeed with your online business would put you in a state of procrastinating. You will not even proceed to start with step one. However, taking it one step at a time would soon bring success as you would progress at a steady pace thus not tire of the load of work.

So who is working from home making serious money? Those that apply the Slight Edge. All those day to day tasks that you do not really feel like doing, that may be boring, those are all the little things that accumulate to a big massive success.

Is Working so Hard Really Create Success on Your Work From Home Online?

Remember I referred you to the book the Slight Edge? Look at the paragraph above this one as I placed a link for the online version of this book. The Slight Edge is doing things that matter every day. It's going to sleep early enough so you can start your day early. Writing a blog post of a minimum 400 words at least once a week. Participating in online discussions and posts. It's marketing, exercising daily, stretching, applying positive thinking etc.

There is no magic bullet and there aren't any miracles. Working from home online means creating a personality for yourself.  It is about creating a presence in this wonderful world called the internet. As Mike Dillard says - it's the You Inc. business model. People connect to people, and when you reach people that think the same as you, they connect with you.

I am not saying you will create success overnight. This is why I always say to people who want to start a business working from home online to keep their current job. No one ever made it so quick. I would say that if you apply the slight edge you will achieve success within a year. And if things go slower for you, it might take a little longer.

However to succeed you need to learn from those doing it already with much success. I have studied a program that shows how to start your own business working from home online. This is a 100% free live presentation about the program just so that you understand what this is about. You can pick a time that works for you to attend.

See, this is value. There isn't anything bad or wrong about this. I am basically providing you with a link to a free presentation for you to decide if this is something you want to learn about.

But if you really are serious about getting out of the rat race, quitting the job you are never looking forward to going to, firing your boss, I suggest you pay close attention to this presentation because this could be your ticket for freedom.

Modern Day Slavery is Today's Slavery - Is That You?

Listen, whatever you do come with a cost. Going to this job every morning has a cost. The traffic jams, angry and frustrated people around you all day, every day, (Geesh, these are good vibes to be around huh?), overworking and getting paid - ummm - shall we say not enough? I did not want to use the term peanuts but really, you do not have a say on how much you make every month.

Now, let's look at the other side of the coin. Working from home online. Creating your own business. You will need to learn a lot. You will make mistakes. Yes, you might get frustrated, although you do not have a reason to, because you are now at your own home. No grumpy boss, workmates and other people you used to spend your day around all day. No traffic, and no slavery. I call it slavery because I believe that today, in this modern world, working for someone is modern age slavery.

Back in the old days, slaves were not happy because they would produce all these goods for their master and not get paid anything, so they would not advance in life. Today, slaves go to work, produce all these good for the owner of the business they work at, they do get paid, however, they end up paying it all to the owner of their power bill, water bill, bank, landlord, grocery store, etc. You get the idea. Here too, modern-day slaves are never happy, they are also never really advancing in life. This is why it is called the rat race!

What I am offering you here is a good look at a program that would allow you to set free from slavery.

I wish to see you on the other side of this article. Please comment below, share this on all your social media platforms and let me know what you think huh? I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading to this point. Any questions please email or place a comment below.

Until next time, think positive and thrive towards success in anything you do.

Roy Gol

Undercover Idea Smuggler and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

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