Paradigm Definition and How it Creates Residual Income Through Self Improvement [6-Video Series Inside]

Paradigm Definition and How it Creates Residual Income Through Self Improvement

Paradigm Definition and How it Creates Residual Income Through Self Improvement [Clarification in 1st paragraph]

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The definition of paradigm is a pattern of behavior. It is a multitude of habits. It is a certain way you see your life events unfolding in front of you and how you do everything in your life.

If you look at your paradigm and change it, you would realize your results changing in business, life, relationship, energy, health and every other facet of life. Self-improvement encompasses all this, showing you how you can achieve a change in paradigm to get better results in life. Residual income is an income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.

You can see that to get to the end result – residual income – one must create an environment in their life that would lead to that income. Creating that environment means developing the self to a point that one is getting a residual income that can sustain life in all its facets.

Paradigm Shift and How it Can Change you For The Better

Let's do a brief exercise.

Do you have goals in life? Any goal is OK for this exercise even if it is just your new year's resolution. It could be losing weight, making a million this year, succeeding in business, starting a business or any other goal you may have.

I want you to write your goals (or goal if it is only one) on a piece of paper. You know, just like the days before the digital era we all live in today. Simply take a pen and a paper and write down your goals. 


Here is the kicker here. if you are right handed, I want you to write your goals with your left hand and vise versa. Comfortable? I did not think so. See, the purpose of changing your paradigm is to take you our of your comfort zone. Do you really want to create yourself residual income that would last and sustain your lifestyle? Change your paradigm right now. 

Self-improvement is the vehicle that would drive you to your desired residual income. Self-improvement is the key to change your paradigm, and it starts with small steps such as simply being able to use both your hands to write your goals and it end with you changing your paradigm and achieving the success you really want.

A Paradigm Change Example and How it is Relevant to Creating Success

Tony Robbins talks about a seminar he conducted years ago. On the stage, there was a knight armour that had something to do with the seminar. At some stage, Robbins was walking back and forth on stage and when he was near the knight, the microphone he was holding in his hands was distorting. It sounded a long beep.

Robbins walked away from the knight and the beep stopped. He walked back past the knight and the microphone sounded this annoying beep. This kept happening a few times, back and forth when the crowd said: "It's the knight, stay away from the knight"

Robbins said: "Oh, you guys really are fast to judge situations. Do you really think it's the knight? I'm not convinced!"

He kept walking back and forth by that knight for a couple more times, just carrying on with his seminar, and then the beep stopped even when he walked past the knight.

What appeared to be was that at those few moments the microphone was distorting when he walked past the knight, a police car was driving by the hotel where he conducted his seminar. The police car radio was interfering with the microphone signal and when the microphone was near the knight, which was all metal, it distorted.

This is called a change in paradigm because the crowd was conditioned to think it was the knight that caused the distortion, whereas it was a police car radio that caused it. If the crowd would have known the real reason for the distortion, they would be patient until the police car would drive away from near the hotel and the distortion would have stopped.

My Experience With Self Improvement and How It Changed My Life

Heaps of articles can be found in the virtual arena, (online), that talks about the benefits of a paradigm shift and its influence on life. Essentially, when you shift your paradigm from where you are with it today to where it should be for you to grow, you realize more success in every facet of life.

When I started doing self-improvement, I looked online for programs that would teach me, for free to start with, how to improve myself. I wanted to know what this is all about and how it can make me a better, more successful person. There are numerous speakers online in the field of self-improvement, all of which show you how to make more money, succeed in business, life, lose weight etc.

My favourite, by far is Bob Proctor. I have found Bob to be one of the best, if not the best in the world in the field of self-improvement. Bob talks a lot about the paradigm shift and how it can make you a better person and get you to your goals faster. He also refers to business success and money making as a goal achieved.

What Bob does is providing you with a wealth of free information that as I have found, if applied the right way, can lead you to success very fast. Let me put it this way. By listening to free self-development programs, understanding the material taught and then thinking about how I can apply it in my own life I have already changed for the better.

Just Thinking About Self Improvement Material Will Change You

Please hear me out here. I did not apply anything yet. All I have done is listened, understood and thought about what I have learned. There is nothing else here in the doing. While thinking about the material taught to me in these programs, I have started to program my subconscious mind to be the source of my success in life. I have fed my mind with good thinking nutrition. That, in turn, made me a better person that can deal with breakdowns in life better. I become more relaxed about everything I did and enjoyed life more. It made me a happier more successful person.

Listen here. When I hear a speaker talks about working with the tools you have to start with instead of complaining about them, my perception of success changes.

How to NOT Complain About What You Have to Work With

Here is an example. I live in Auckland New Zealand. I am involved in a property development venture and my role is to acquire land to buy and then develop. How do I know where to go and find it? I use tools. I have 4 websites that I use to allocate streets that have properties we want to buy for development.

These 4 websites give me all the information I need to be able to make a decision if I want to approach the vendor of a specific property to offer to buy it of them. I know addresses, current government valuation, land size, house size, name of owners, when did they buy the property, how much they bought it for, what is the zoning of the property, what is the contour, where are the services and so on. These tools are vital for any investor to make a purchase decision. Without these tools, I would be shooting in the dark.

Now the problem is that the websites providing me with all this information do not always do an accurate job. Sometimes they tell me a service is inside the property whereas, in fact, it is a few houses away which makes it difficult to build. (by services I mean water, stormwater and wastewater connections).

I know many guys that complain all day long about these tools. They just don’t understand why the website developers cannot provide them with accurate information about any given property. If you look at the list of tools I get access to, (that does not cost me anything by the way), you can see that I swim in a wealth of information. There is nothing to complain about. And if sometimes I get the wrong information, hey, I just deal with it. After all, how many times in your life did you left home to go to town and had to stop on several red traffic lights on the way there?

It would be nice to just drive through the streets without stopping, but it never happens.

Work with what you’ve got. Start where you are with the tools available for you and as you go, life will become easier for you anyway.

Free 3-Day Video Program to Change Your Paradigm Through Self Improvement

I hope you can see how self-improvement material makes you more successful in any area of your life.

Bob Proctor has a program called 6 Minutes to Success where he provides you with a 3-day free video program packed with information about how to change your life for the better in any area. I want to give you a brief of what information you would get when listening to each of the 3-day videos. By the way, they are not long, only 20 minutes each on average.

Video 1.

  • Experiencing success slipping off from you? Try focusing on that area where you don’t get success. More about this inside the video.
  • Whatever you do, doesn’t matter what it is, what matter is how you do it. And if you do what you love then how you do it would greatly affect your results.
  • Get results that stick.
  • Why your results are the manifestation of your paradigm.
  • Desire is the trigger mechanism for releasing energy. Bob shows you how to alter your paradigm to suit what you really desire.
  • Bob shows you how to set autopilot to get to success.

Video 2.

  • Get a formula that is exact mathematics on how to get what you want
  • What goals really are and the real purpose of setting goals.
  • How to use your perfect spiritual power within you to achieve your goals.
  • How to use your perfect spiritual DNA to achieve your goals.
  • The one specific thing that wealthy, satisfied and successful people do, that struggling, stagnant and stuck people do not do.
  • The one thing successful people know and unsuccessful people do not know.
  • Start say daily – ‘I am so happy and grateful now that …’ and name the achievement of your goal.

Video 3.

  • Bob didn’t know why he was winning thus becoming successful. It is called an unconscious competent. You will know why you are winning thus successful so you will be a conscious competent.
  • A thought is the cause of all results. When you realize that you will have no limits or barriers.
  • No one has ever seen the mind. Bob suggests an illustration of the mind to illustrate what it is on all its components. Conscious, subconscious and all.
  • Where is your paradigm located in your mind.
  • Why is it so important to get emotionally involved with your goal. It’s the one factor that will get you achieving it.
  • How and why worry, anxiety, fear and other such feelings are the bondage that keeps you at bay – preventing you from reaching your goal.

Start Your Journey to Change Your Paradigm and Achieving Residual Income Through Self Improvement

This 3-day video program is completely free. As you learned above, the best way to succeed in life is to develop the self. learn and adopt ways to program your subconscious mind to be greater in every facet of life.


Yes, this does mean you will have to do some learning while developing the self. You will have to think about how you can apply what you've learned into your life. And hey, you do not to be a certified success trainer or even Bob Proctor, because Bob started when he was broke and with very limited education.

The book Think and Grow Rich which he has painlessly studied over the years was his university. And if he can do it so can you. The question is really - do you want to change? do you want to understand what is the definition of paradigm and then change it to your benefit?

I know I did. I was looking for something to take me from where I was to where I am now. And don't get me wrong. I am not saying you will necessarily hit it outta the park on your first swing. However, you can learn the exact process for quickly developing your subconscious mind to a point where success in any area of life will flow towards you in big quantities.

This 3-day video is completely free.

It only takes 20 minutes to watch each video and when you start and apply what you have learned, (which is not difficult), your life will change just like that.

So thank you!

Hope you enjoyed the free 3-day video series. We will talk soon. In the meantime, please comment and share this post with everybody you think may benefit from this free series.

Love you.

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