How to Master Making Money Online in Half the Time

How to Master Making Money Online in Half the Time

How to Master Making Money Online in Half the Time

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I Became A Fundamentalist Before Making Money Online

First things first. When it comes to making money online there are certain skills you want to master in order to achieve results faster. Many people are searching for ways to make money online are looking for some magic button that would generate them instant success, however, if you approach the business of making money online like any other business, you soon realize you must nurture it and give it some love and care if you want it to grow. The base of it must be wide and solid enough to carry your business for years to come.

I’d like to bring in front of you 6 metrics you must master if you want to make money online faster than others. These 6 metrics has been practiced by me for years. They have changed the way I look at business and life in general and helped me develop myself to the point where I have successfully started my home-based online business.

I’ve always wanted to make use of the internet so I can make money online but never really knew where to start and how to approach it. It always seemed very complex and complicated. Then I started taking some courses that taught me a few skills and I came across success speakers like Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy that taught me life skills, like how to never give up, look after yourself so you stay healthy, how to be on time, work with others and more

I’ve found this to be key for success with making money online. In fact, this is key to succeed with anything you take on in life as we’re talking about a solid base to your success that would lead to a much higher goal achievement in life.

Here are the 6 metrics to Master Making Money Online in Half the Time

How to Make Money Online Without Even Trying

In a previous post I wrote about the 5 Main Concepts to Build A Home Based Business. This post is kind of a continuation of my last post only here I talk about further skills you must develop and master to build a solid base to your online marketing business if you want to make money online.

There are several skills one must master if one wants to make money online. I have aimed my focus here on the 6 main skills that in my opinion constitute the base to a massive online empire. 

Here they are:

  1. Things to avoid! Doubt, indifference, indecision, worry, over cautious, pessimism, criticism, poor thinking. These things will keep you at bay. They will prevent you from achieving any of your goals, succeeding in life and making money online on your home-based business.
  • Doubt. The moment you doubt anything is the moment you declare failure in what you are trying to achieve. You’ve already failed to achieve your goal. Doubt is the killer of all dreams and is like cancer in the body. If you say: ‘I want to achieve an income of $1,000,000 12 months from now making money online but I doubt I will, you send mixed messages to the universe and kill any possibility you will achieve your goal. What if you kill doubt and believe you’ll get your million? See, this belief will get you to your destination. Destination is determine by direction not by hope or wish so believe you will get it and create a path to get there. And the path is a course of action.
  • Indifference. If you don’t care about anything you also don’t care about achieving your goals. Being indifferent means, you will drift in life to where ever it takes you and you’ll have no control. Having no control seems to me like a devastating outcome of being indifferent. On the other hand, focusing on your goals, making sure you do these little tasks daily and having enthusiasm to pull through all the difficulties will lead you to success. That is guaranteed.
  • Indecision. Sitting on the fence is not an option. If you want to have a home business making money online, you must make a decision. You must take a side. Have purpose in life. The moment you make a decision to succeed in life, business or making money, is the moment you will be able to achieve success.
  • Worry. Worry is the same thing as doubt. The law of attraction teaches that when you ask for something which is your goals. You must already be in the state of belief that you will get your goals, you must also feel the feelings of what it's like when you achieve your goals. If you approach an online business and you worried about the results of the business, you are guaranteed to fail. Always go to work without any worry or doubt and you'll achieve your goals.
  • Overcautious. If you never take risks in business, you also sure to not achieve any goals. If you stay in the safe zone, your comfort zone, and never step out, never try new things, always being super careful, you will never grow. Taking risks means sometimes not succeeding and not growing. Only when you get out of your comfort zone you can get to new heights, stretch yourself and really become a totally different person than what you are now and that is a successful person making money online.
  • Pessimism. This is another killer of all dreams. Pessimists never try new things and only when you get out of your comfort zone and try new things is when you reach success. If you set a goal but you approach it with pessimism you are sure not to achieve it. Making money online involves entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship means going for the unknown with optimism. If you want to succeed never be pessimist about anything in life, instead, go there with the knowledge you will get it!
  • Criticism. When you criticize things and people in life you project bad vibes to your environment. No one wants to be around negative people. Success in anything means first of all being an optimist. People who criticize other people and opportunities are those who failed in life and would feel bad seeing you succeeding because what that means for them is that you're better than them. You don't need to be the same. Never criticize anyone or anybody. If you see an opportunity try to grab it with both hands and thank the universe.
  • Poor thinking. And lastly Not thinking properly would devastate any opportunity that is coming your way. If you want to succeed in business, you really must pour a lot of thinking into it. Nobody can do the thinking for you. Edward De Bono wrote numerous books that teaches you how to think properly. Thinking is a lot of hard work which is why most people avoid it. This is also why 98% of the population earn less than the other 2%. Having a home-based business that is making money online means setting up a website, sales funnel, knowing how to talk, how to write, how to approach people and how to market yourself, and that takes a lot of thinking. So poor thinking would kill your business and your dreams. Step out of your comfort zone once again and apply proper thinking so you can start making money online.

      2. Health. Eat well, Stretch, do yoga, meditate, apply positive thinking, stay guard over the door step of your mind. These things will keep you healthy that's for sure. Health starts with the mind and when you eat nutritious food, do yoga and apply everything mentioned above, your mind is healthy. We know that mind and body go together, if your mind is healthy your body is healthy. Nothing can be achieved in life if you are unwell. Making money online with your business requires you to stay fit both in body and mind. Yoga and meditation alone are tools that Keep both your body in mind very healthy and this is just an example. Do the things that keep you fit and healthy every day and success is on its way to you.

      3.  Be punctual. Being late to appointments in meetings shows on your attitude. You want to be on time for everything, and that means achieving your goals as well. We know that an end time and date for achieving your goal can change depending on circumstances. However, that does not mean you should not try and meet your goals in time.

      4. Make mistakes. This is not a typing mistake, you do want to make mistakes. Making mistakes will help you grow in your business, if you learn from your mistakes. Someone once said and I'm not sure who, that you can make a mistake once, maybe twice, but if you make the same mistake for the third time, you're a fool. Make a mistake, learn from it and grow. Become better at what you do.

      5. Work with others. You cannot succeed in business or anything in life on your own. There aren't any businesses in the world that grew with one person behind the wheel. Think about really big businesses like Amazon, eBay, Google, YouTube, all social media platforms, they employ hundreds of thousands of people. The trick is to get along with people so that they actually do what you tell them to do because you're the boss. You’re the business owner. Working with others is vital for the success of your business making money online. You going to have to employ people at some stage and even I have started my business with a business partner who did my website for me and supported me on the way to my success. Learn how to work with others.

      6. Love yourself. I think loving yourself is the most important of all. If you don't love yourself, if you criticize yourself a lot, you are doubting yourself and doubting yourself is the prime killer of all achievements. You cannot be in business if you doubt and criticize yourself all the time. Love yourself because you are the most important person in the world. There is no one else out there that would create success for you but you. If you want to make money online you must first love yourself, appreciate yourself, and enjoy your own company because then other people would want to join you and you do need other people with you to reach success.

The Secret to Getting Unlimited Clients

What I write about here in this post belong to the field of self-development. When you have the right mindset, and by the way, all the above will create the right mindset for you, you will actually achieve success. Starting an online business isn't easy. You need a mentor, and you need to know what you are doing. The secret is to attract clients to you.

There are a number of good programs out there on the Internet teaching you how to start an online business. Usually an online business is related to multi-level marketing, and if you belong to a multi-level marketing company and are looking for an effective way to get people who are interested to join your company you might want to check this Free Course. ​

This course is about how to attract prospects to your business and start making money online. I did the course and started following the steps to create success online. You can have a look at it right here. I will talk to you next week.

Until then keep happy and strive for success

Roy Gol

Undercover Idea Smuggler and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

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