Here’s How to Get Luckier and Luckier Every Day [No Luck Required]

If you want to get financial freedom and procrastination is in the way you may find this program helpful. 

Bob proctor is a personal coach that teaches how to change your paradigm to achieve your goals. Proctor created a program called 6 Minutes to Success where he sends you daily videos that are designed to program your mind for success. Now I know this sounds a little overwhelming but let me explain.

How to Stop Procrastinating And Achieve Financial Freedom [Program Inside]

Chatter away like a Magpie

How Procrastination Kept Me Away From Financial Freedom and Mad Me Physically Ill!

In 2011 I developed much interest in personal development. This came after a long period of lack of success and struggle with absolutely every facet of life. I moved houses twice, sometimes 3 times a year, I found myself always living in the cheap part of town, thinking this is what I can afford, spending time with low lives that I had to constantly listen to their moans about life.

This did not enrich me. It was not congruent with my goals and where I wanted to be in life. I found myself somewhat depressed by circumstances and lacked confidence. I always wanted to get into property investment as I knew this was the way to achieve financial freedom. I didn't have money, nor knowledge to invest in property but I didn't give hope up and always looked for a breakthrough and trying to apply the law of attraction.

One day I was invited to a property seminar where they were marketing a property investment course that took a year to complete. The promise was they guarantee good investments for students that join in for the year. It cost $25,000 plus GST. In New Zealand GST is 15%. 

Then Luck (or a creation of) Hits Me

I went along with a friend and entered into this raffle draw where they drew a number that would win something big. The seminar took 10 hours. We were bombarded with property figures and stats that by the end of it everybody felt like a used floor rug. Then it was time for the draw. And the winner is...number 27! I was so tired and worn out I could not even remembered what the draw was about. I looked at my ticked and BINGO! I am the winner! Out of 250 people I won the draw.

The organizers invited me up to the stage where they lay on the floor 100 sealed plastic courier envelopes. The founder of this property tutoring company explained that in one of these envelopes there is a house worth $350,000 and if I pick that envelope I win it! If not, well then there are 99 other great prizes. 

I picked envelope number 88. it was not a house but a free entry for the whole year to go along with students and find qualified property deals. I won a $25,000 plus GST property course.

Meeting My First Ever Personal Development Speaker.

That property investment seminar was loaded with information. Part of it was setting your mind for success. They brought over a personal development speaker called Kurek Ashley. Kurek used to be a Hollywood actor that played the bad guy in many movies such as Delta Force and the like. He turned to educate people on the mind after experiencing a number of years where he turned into heavy drugs and suicide attempts etc. 

I was impressed with his speech and when I went back home I found a program on discs called: 'Fire Up Your Life' by Kurek Ashley. I thought, hey that's that guy. So I sat down and listened to it and then I found more programs by Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn and I listened to them all. This was the beginning of my journey into personal development. I was immersed in it and soon my mind changed in that it allowed me seeing what life was really about. 

Suddenly I understood many thing I didn't before and was able to achieve more. For example, I realized that the only reason I live where I live (i.e in the cheap parts of town) was because this was what I told myself: Don't look for apartments in the nicer parts of town because you cannot afford it. One thing personal development taught me was that I need to change my words around. 

Instead of saying: 'I can not afford it' I should change the words and say: 'HOW CAN I AFFORD IT?!'

Can you see the difference? The moment you ask yourself that type of a question, your brain immediately goes to work to find the answer. All you got to then is stay alert because the answer will reveal itself in front of you like a lightning in a bright sunny day!

How 6 Minutes to Success Changes Your Circumstances and Stops You from Procrastinating So You Can Achieve Your Goals.

6 Minutes to Success is designed to re-program your mind to stop procrastinating thus achieving all your goals. You see, success is all about taking small steps and achieving small goals that soon become a big goal that yields success like financial freedom. But first you must stop procrastinating and the short daily videos you receive in your inbox are designed to help you do exactly that.

Here are just some of the subjects discussed in the first two weeks of your membership.

  • What taking action really means?
  • What is attitude?
  • What is attitude composed of?
  • How your choices affect your reality? How it affects your results? 
  • What are the laws of nature? The law of attraction and law of gravity are just two natural laws we live by. It is estimated there 20 laws of nature that affect our lives on a daily basis.
  • What gratitude really is and what can it do to your life if applied properly.
  • What paradigm is and how to change it to achieve success.

There are more subjects discussed daily by one of the most prominent personal development coaches and speakers living today!

The video at the start of this post is a quick review of what this program is about and how it sets your mind to success thus creating results in your life.

Here it is again:

6 Minutes to Success is how I managed to quit procrastination and achieve my financial goal. To be financially free! Forever!

This program provides you with all the right tools to re-program your mind and set you on the fast track to achieve your goals. It also has 19 different E-books you can download and read on your computer plus each daily video has a download button so you can listen to it on an MP3 format which is very useful for when driving to and from work daily.

The program offers a $1 trial for the first 2 weeks and if you want to stay on the price is less than $1 per day. Well worth the investment considering the goal achievement path you are being put on. 

Do you or someone you know need help achieving goals? I'd like to ask you to help me spread the word on this program by sharing this post on your social media platforms. This would be very useful for those who want to achieve more success in any area of their lives for a mere $1 two weeks trial!

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