Here is How to Set Your Growth Mindset in Business

Here’s How to Set Your Growth Mindset in Business

Growth and success mindset can be achieved through these cool ideas

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People approach business without knowing what they doing. Setting your growth mindset in business is key to success. Most people want business because they want to be independent and make their own money. However, when they start a business, they have no idea how to approach it the right way.

Considering what business is really made of on all of its different components is key to survive that jungle called the business world. If you jump into deep water without knowing how to swim first, you will sink. It is not good for you!

My experience shows that the way to set your mind for growth in business is self-development. For years I have trained my mind for success, in business, relationship, health and any other area of life.

Once you set your mind for success, it is applied to all areas. I have prepared a 3-day video course I provide you free of charge. It contains many facets of success. Simply subscribe below and start train your mind to achieve success in business and any other area of your life. 

Your Mindset Controls Business growth

There are several things you need to know before approaching business if you want to obtain a growth mindset. Applying them is the hard part because doing it on your own, without experience, can lead you in the wrong direction. Since I have started doing self-development a few years ago, my life changed a lot and I have achieved more success in many areas in my life. 
For example, I am trained now to concentrate on things that matter. 

This is called success mindset. Many people worry about little things that do not achieve success. These are tasks you think you must complete before moving on, like making sure your blog post is written without any errors. You go over it a million times and then maybe, one day if you finish it, but really making sure it is super polished to the extent that when people look at it they would need sunglasses, then, and only then...just before you get to 80, you may publish it.

The challenge with this approach is that in reality, it will never happen. If you try making sure everything is super perfect in your life you will never obtain growth mindset. You will kill your business mindset. Success in any area in life is an application of the Nike slogan: 'Just Do It''. 

Growth Mindset Starts With Sharpening your Axe

These days I am concentrating on things that do matter like making sure I post on my blog about once a week. Uploading videos to YouTube Regularly. Doing live videos on social media and so on.

Setting up your mind for growth in business means understanding what success in business is composed of. Once you understand this concept you may want to apply it so you can approach it the right way.
Abraham Lincoln said - 'Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I would spend the first 4 hours sharpening the axe'.

Business is People Intense

What that means is that approaching business is all about sharpening your mind first for quite some time if you want to achieve success. No point jumping into the deep water not knowing how to swim and then drowning in the complexity of it. Business mindset is all about growth mindset. If you want success in business you need to set your mind properly before approaching business.

Most people do not realize how complex business can be.

Robert Kiyosaki once said that the downside in business is that it is people intense. You have got employees, suppliers, customers, people of the public that may complain about your business. Oh, and how about your lawyer and accountant? They are people too, right? Important members of your business. 

Business and Success Mindset Are A Sure Failure...Unless...

You can see how many people have a stake hold in your business. That is why business is so hard. Unless you possess the right mindset you are sure to fail. 

When you know all these things before you approach business you have more of a chance to achieve success. It is called sharpening your axe.
Knowing how to get a business mindset for growth and success achievement is King to prevent failure. it is knowing how to swim before jumping into the deep water.

Throughout the last 7 years of me developing my mind for success, I enjoyed listening to one of the speakers in The Secret Bob Proctor. Bob has mastered over 55 years the law of attraction discussed in The Secret and in Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich

Bob is providing you with a free series of 4 videos called Six Minutes to Success. This is free. It shows you how to earn more money, create thriving relationships, start a wildly successful business, lose any amount of weight and live a more productive, fulfilling life. 

Mindset is the Main Character to Success

It is all about your mindset. A growth mindset is a broad term used in many areas as mentioned above. It could be a business mindset, or success mindset or any other mindset you may want to master in life.

Imagine having your dreams come true without having to trade all of your time! Want to see how? Subscribe to Proctor's free 3-video series here.

As I mentioned many times in my other blog posts, I believe that if you want success in anything in life you must first build a foundation for it. And the foundation is your mindset. Bob's video series is all about starting with the foundation of your dream house. And your dream life is no different. 

This video series lays down the foundation for all the good you truly desire and help you get the most of your Six Minutes to Success program.

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Roy Gol

Undercover Idea Smuggler and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.



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