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Hello and welcome to my website.

RoyMy name is Roy Gol. Born in a Kibbutz in Israel I grew up in obscurity as Jim Rohn likes to put it. For those of you who don’t know, a Kibbutz is like a farming community with maybe 50 families where everyone works the land and we all live a self sufficient life.

Living such life was very convenient as we did not have to worry about anything and lived a very safe and secure life. This helped a lot when my father committed suicide due to his depression when I was only 3 years old.

However when I grew up I wanted more. I wanted challenges, excitement in my life and …well, more life! Living in such a secure environment was like being kept in cotton pads all your life ending up all bored and worn out from lack of life. So I left the Kibbutz and hit the big city, and got hit by much slaps on the face as I was so naive and did not know how to handle life out of the safety zone.

And here I am, running two businesses, one my online business, teaching you and others how to make money online, and my other business where I produce videos to promote small businesses. I grew and developed from all the hard hits I got in life and became better and better to the point where I reached my destination of having two very successful businesses. If at all, I always believed I can make it. I knew there is something else for me out there, something more challenging that I can develop myself upon experiencing it.

If you are like me, you must like self development. I am an avid listener to Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill and many other self development speakers. I do not call them motivational speakers as they merely give you ideas to implement to better yourself and you choose if you want to take this stuff on or not. See, if any one of them saw an idiot walking down the wrong way, and they would motivate him, well…we’ve got a problem in our hands.

I am giving you ideas, ways and secrets on how to succeed online. Believe me, these are all tested by me. These are not just what others are talking about or current online trends or hype. You are getting quality here, and only quality, so simply subscribe to my newsletter and start getting all these good ideas on how to get traffic to your website, type of emails to write for your newsletter, how to do effective split testing, what kind of articles to write and much more.

Thank you for connecting and I’m sure we’ll speak soon.

P.S. Don’t forget to read some of my posts on this site and comment bellow them, and feel free to reply to all emails you are receiving from me as I love the interaction and I do read them all the time.

– Roy