Neil Patel – My Mentor and Virtual Coach for Success Online

I came across the name Neil Patel at about September 2016. I searched for leading online marketers and got a list of top 50 and Neil shows 3rd on that list. Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot of the results of my search on google as on 23/11/16:

20161019_114915I have subscribed to Neil’s list to get emails from him with information about how to succeed in my affiliate marketing endeavors and started getting emails that have step by step guides on how to do things. These emails either had links to his website Neil Patel or to webinars he made with step by step instructions on how to do things online.

Neil has experience, so when you connect with him it is clear he has what it takes to give quality advice. See, Neil is doing it on a daily basis, makes money online and so if you listen to what he has to say you can be assured you plug yourself to the right source.

Now, there are other marketers that I have plugged myself to, so Neil Patel is not the only one, but he is definitely at the top. When I listened to Erlend Bakke – Hardcore MBA podcast on YouTube, I found Erlend’s podcast with Neil Patel which tells you more about who Neil is and his approach to online marketing. It is always good to get to know the person that tells you what to do online. I love talking to them, at least virtually.

To summarize, I can safely say that I have found Neil to be very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to online marketing and recommend you subscribe to his newsletter which is when you will start receiving information with step by step guides for many facets of online marketing.

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