A Little About Roy

Born in a Kibbutz in the north of Israel I grew up in a farming environment. It was a very safe place to live and grow up in that taught us how to think for ourselves and be fair with the other. I always loved thinking outside the square and wanted to get out of a small Kibbutz with 300 residents who know each other too well and move into a big city.

After my military service I went to travel in Australia for a year and a half and then came back home to study film and television. When I finished my studies, I felt the urge for some more adventure and went to New Zealand in 2001.

I bought my first computer in 2003 and started exploring the internet. As it evolved I was more and more interested in the field of online marketing. I started browsing online marketers websites, subscribing to their email lists to learn more about how to build a WordPress site, how to choose a target market and how to market to them.

Today I own my own business where I teach you how to start your home business and how you can make money from it.

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