Why you Should Understand what Paradigms Are and Then Change Yours

For the last few years I have been following Bob Proctor’s teaching about paradigm change.

Bob says that a paradigm is a mental program sitting inside your subconscious mind that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behaviour, and almost all of your behaviour is habitual. A paradigm is like a program you put into your computer. The way you program your computer is the way your computer will work.

Here is an example about a paradigm shift from Stephen Covey as he told in one of his seminars:

Sea story about a paradigm shift

The moment you change the program is the moment your computer will work differently.

The captain of the Missouri had no choice but changing his program of thinking because he wanted to avoid a fatal accident.

When you think about it, many people have degrees coming out of the other side of their business cards (as Bob proctor likes to say) and they earn pennies all their lives. It seems that these people have been conditioned to worship the intellect. That’s why they have so many degrees, but the intellect is not what controls our behaviour. No degree will make you smart. No degree will make you successful or a nice person.

As Bob puts it and I quote him: ‘We live in a physical body and that body moves into action and the action produces the results we get.’

Now, any action we take in our lives produces a reaction, and it’s that reaction that controls what we get in life. It also controls how we feel during the day

I’ve taken a recent Change Your Paradigm program with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and there they give you tasks to do. One of the tasks is writing 10 gratitudes first thing in the morning every morning. This is how you start your day. Think about what you really want in life, get in the vibration of it, and feel the feeling of what it would be like when you do get it then write that thing on paper. See if that exercise alone changes the vibration of your body during the day.

Whatever you do is controlled by your program and that program is located inside your subconscious mind. If you don’t like the results you’re getting, do know it is caused by your actions. Trace the results by your actions. Your actions derived from an idea in your mind.

You are the product of your environment. If you grew up in a Kibbutz in Israel just like me, you’d grow up with a set of ideas engraved into your subconscious mind, and these ideas will control your behaviour and the results you are getting.

For example, living in a Kibbutz we have never learned how to cook because all meals were always provided for all of us. When I left my Kibbutz and moved to the city, I rented a room in an apartment and had to start cooking for myself. I had no idea where to start. 

I had to change my paradigm, get out of my comfort zone and learn a new skill, cooking. This is just a simple example of what I had to do to change my paradigm. I had to learn how to cook for myself or else I’d starve. The captain of the Missouri had to change his paradigm or else he’d sink the ship.

Bob always say this about paradigm change:

If you want to change your paradigm do the following:

  • Be your own doctor. Examine what result you get that you do not like in your life and go back to the root of the problem.
  • Research. Check what habits or behaviours you have that causing that result.
  • Acknowledge. Write that behaviour in big bold letters.
  • Find out. Decide to yourself what habits or behaviours are the polar opposite of the behaviours you have just written down.
  • Reinvent yourself. Write that opposite behaviour on a new piece of paper.
  • Have a burning ritual. That first piece of paper with your old habits written on it? Burn it! Really, take a match or a lighter, go outside and burn it to ashes. This is a symbolic act to get rid of your past.
  • Repetition is key. Write the new set of habits a few times every day. This will engrave these habits into your subconscious mind and you will have no trouble to act upon it.

I hope you have enjoyed this article

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